Excellent solutions for the medical market

Increasing quality requirements

The importance of efficient solutions for the medical industry is increasing at a rapid pace. The number of chronic illnesses, the life expectancy of the elderly, and the standards of care in the emerging economies are all increasing. At the same time, the quality demands and pressure on costs for processors are also rising. We meet these opposing challenges with in-house mold production and highly-automated processes.

Years of experience

The Westfall Technik Group has many years of experience in the medical industry, from the mass market of diagnostics to long-term projects in devices to special applications and the other pharmaceuticals. Our companies are certified by DIN ISO 9001 and DIN ISO 13485, are in part FDA-certified, and are MPG, GMP, and GAMP compliant.

Seamless traceability

We are proficient in the manufacturing of high volume parts but are also experienced in highly-efficient solutions for medium to smaller lot sizes. We are tackling the trend towards lower quantities, frequent color or mold changes, and increasingly rapid processes by using very modern machines and intelligent system technologies. A focal point here is traceability/parts tracking with RFID, so that you can retrieve comprehensive information on each individual product component.