Consumer Goods

Technical and complex parts.

application variety

In the field of consumer goods, we concentrate on technical and complex parts. This range is very wide and so our core competencies focus on mold manufacture and production processes: 2 or 3-component technology, gas injection, IML, and IMD. Ultrasonic welding will also be a focus for our team.

Accuracy & Repeatability

What is in demand above all, is an efficient, highly-automated assembly line. This process is evidenced in the high-speed production of blade heads for wet razors, where individual components race through the automation so quickly that they are no longer visible to the naked eye, despite the fact that a razor head now consists of 5 blades, plus plastic grille and strip. Precision molds and reproducibility account for only half of the process towards guaranteeing close tolerances in injection-molding. The real challenge lies in precise automation at top speed.


Similar challenges are posed by the highly automated manufacturing of technical parts. In this field too, we are already working on the future use of our unique barrier coating technology to provide chemical resistance to contents or cleaning solvents. Right now, we already guarantee 100% integrated quality control.